Our Objectives

1. Propose projects for scientific research and studies and submit them to researchers to carry out according to the possibilities of the center and provide volunteers to work on them.

2. Inviting researchers working in their countries or who are forced to emigrate to contribute voluntarily to research and studies that serve the development of their countries.

3. To form a network of scientists and researchers for voluntary cooperation on scientific research and studies aimed at serving their countries and encouraging voluntary cooperative action.

4. Search for means of support for research and studies that need financial funding and the formation of research teams to carry out such research and studies.

5. Publish the results of researches and studies through the Center's website, bulletins, scientific journals, conferences and symposia, and highlight the contributions of the participants in these researches and studies, and provide the necessary moral evaluation of the participants or material in the case of supported research.

6. Provide advice to those who request it by referring to specialists in the network of scientists and researchers involved in the work of the Center.

7. Try to transform the results of research and studies into practical solutions and study the possibilities of their application through other institutions, companies or organizations.

8. Cooperate with the centers, bodies and organizations that participate with this center in some of its objectives.