Our Strategy

Supervision of research and coordination

The Center shall include researchers who wish to contribute to the work of studies and research according to their choices or the options put forward by the Center in teams working under the supervision of specialists and volunteer experts and coordination among them in order to reach the results in a scientific and thoughtful manner. The Center is also seeking funding sources for research that call for this.

Utilization of national expertise

The Center attempts to benefit from the expertise of scientists and researchers residing in their countries or immigrants around the world who are willing to cooperate with the Center and to try to inform them of the need to contribute to the service of their countries of emigration by studying what they need from these experts. Countries through voluntary scientific research, studies and consulting.


The Center seeks to translate some of the unique studies and researches in its contents and useful, whether issued by the Center or others, with the issuance of interfaces to the site of the Center in various languages ​​of developing countries and major languages ​​in the world as a day and according to the possibilities of the Center.

Bank of ideas

Establish a database of ideas and initiatives offered by the Center or volunteers and find ways to implement them.

Bank of Statistics

The Center shall submit statistical studies as needed to form the basis for the research proposed later by the Center or participants in working with it or even those wishing to benefit from them in other centers, institutions and bodies

Specialized research work

The Center undertakes research projects funded for those who need them. It will propose research to serve the developing countries by postgraduate students in their universities after coordination with these universities or through the center while maintaining the scientific level sober through the scientific evaluation of research by specialized experts or scientific committees.


To seek to form a division in the Center to review opinions and change them over time to be the basis for the research or solutions proposed later.

Encourage teamwork

The Center works to encourage collaborative team work in the field of scientific research and studies through the formation of research teams that communicate with each other according to need, in addition to its contact with the Center remotely and through the holding of workshops, seminars and conferences to exchange experiences.

Encourage creativity

The Center promotes individual initiatives and attempts to develop them for the benefit of the individual and for the benefit of the total while respecting the rights of intellectual production and honoring the creators.

Consulting Center

Participants in the Center's work and research can contribute to the provision of scientific advice upon request to certain entities and through the Center.

Forming bodies for practical implementation

The Center seeks to transform the ideas into a useful practical application through the formation of bodies, institutions, companies or organizations that implement the proposed solutions, and this may be done by the Center or by other parties or private voluntary institutions cooperating with the Center.

Attention to the problems of developing countries

The Center is interested in research and strategic studies of the problems faced by developing countries, which need specialized teams and at the same time works on specialized small studies dealing with a specific problem or the work of statistics for certain subjects to provide databases for researchers to work on them or to highlight this specific problem or this particular subject In a realistic and scientific way and then encourage work to find solutions to them.