Al - Mishkat Center for Research, Studies and Consultations

Our vision


A forum and a forum for scientists, researchers and thinkers who wish to contribute to serving their home countries through scientific research, studies and consultations

Our Mission

To benefit from the experiences of scientists, thinkers and researchers around the world to carry out studies and research aimed at serving their countries scientifically, technically, economically and socially through volunteering under the supervision and coordination of the Center. The Center also hopes to transform research and studies into a practical reality that will lead to the solution of actual problems in their countries 

Our goals


Propose projects for scientific research and studies and submit them to researchers to carry out according to the possibilities of the center and provide volunteers to work on them

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Our strategy

- Supervision of research and coordination

- Benefit from national experiences

- Specialized research work


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Proposed Projects


-The Educational Media Awareness Section

- Educational Programs Section

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How to contribute to this effort


1 - Participate in studies and research in a team or individually.

2. Provide suggestions on topics to be studied.

3. Participation in panel discussions and teleconferences.

4 - Introducing the Center and the dissemination of ideas of collaborative scientific research.

5 - Selection of one of the results of studies and research and turn it into a practical application individually or through the formation of a company or institution or body serving that purpose.

6 - Participate in the provision of consultancy in the field of specialization when the Center requests it.

7. Participate financially to support a specific research or project.

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