Al-Mishkat Institute for Information Technology




Al-Mishkat Institute for Information Technology has been established in Mosul – Iraq on 1988. Al-Mishkat institute has a license from Iraqi Ministry of Education.



·        Organizing IT and Computer Science courses in different fields.

·        Creating and developing Arabic softwares

·        Designing and programming Arabic websites.

·        Translating books, articles, websites, emails and voice files from and to Arabic language

·        Summarizing and translating Arabic books, articles and news.

·        Conducting studies, statistic, consultant and scientific researchres.


Research and Studies 

In additional to the above services, Al-Mishkat institute corporate with many organizations to establish professional research's background in many fields. Scientific studies, consultant, and some of these projects are:


1.      Recognition of Printed and Handwritten Arabic Characters

2.      Recognition of Arabic Speech

3.      Natural Language Processing – Arabic Language Specifics

4.      Midad Al-Bayan: Extended Database for the Holly Quran

5.      Machine Translation between Arabic and Oriental Languages

6.      Dictionary of IT Terms

 Al-Mishkat Website
Al-Mishkat website (in Arabic) contains a lot of information about science and technology in Arabic world, in addition to many articles about research methodology and research managements. The website also contains:

·        Arabic universities and colleges

·        Arabic scientific organizations.

·        Arabic research centers.

·        Arabic training centers

·        Arabic journals

·        Links to scientific websites

·        Scholarship for students.

·        The ranking of best Arabic universities.

·        Upcoming conferences in Arabic countries

·        Upcoming workshops, short courses and training in Arabic countries.

·        Scientific prizes and rewards.